1st plenary keynote: The challenging life of cross-border commuters

Teresa Ventin

1st Panel: Better access to cross-border labour markets

Céline Laforsch

Tue David Bak

1st Parallel Breakout Sessions

Session 1: Recognition of qualifications

Guus de Bruijn

Luis Manuel de Almeida Soares Janeiro

Alessia Vetere

Session 2: Information on the job market

Martin Unfried

Stéphanie Roser

Leyre Azcona

Session 3: Challenges in taxation of individuals

Xosé Lago Garcia

Annmarie O’Kane

Michele Berti

2nd Parallel Breakout Sessions

Session 4: Post -covid era - the fiscal challenges of teleworking

Marjon Weerepas

Krister Andersson

Session 5: Cross-border education

Jakob Ebner

Roxana Breazu

Ines Funk

Session 6: Social security access for cross-border workers

Rafał Peszka

Anton Bouwmeister

Peter Nagy

2nd Panel: Cross-border taxation challenges

The challenge for tax administrations to be capable to provide coherent information

Peter Hansen

Clarity issues of social security contributions and access

Heike Xhonneux